Wikipedia should start putting ads or not

Wikepedia is a non-profit company which means in part they have special tax exemptions. If they start earning profits by adding Google Adsense they will lose that exemption. Also they have to pay editors and authors for writing contents. Wikipedia has accurate, reliable contents and contents are written by experts
from all around the world. Wikipedia has around 157000000 page vie daily by which they can earn daily revenue of $ 400000. Still if Wikipedia starts paying for writing contents on its it will be in huge huge profit.

Wikipedia is ranked #7 according to Alexa. If ads are added to Wikipedia it can earn $ 400000 daily revenue which is much more than donation which wiki is getting now. Google Page Rank for Wikipedia is 9 which means a lot for Wikipedia for driving traffic from search engine. As Paypal user for donating to Wiki. It will affect a lot for Wiki because lots of donation which is collected comes from Paypal users.

So what do you think Wikipedia should start putting ads or not?

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