How to make Google crawl your website faster (regularly)

Each and every webmaster and blogger wants google uncle to crawl their website or blog regularly. Google (Uncle) keeps crawling website all over the internet. But the crawling rate differs from website to website. Some are crawled every hour some are visited every day and even some are visited once in a month.

If google will not crawl your website regularly how will you content get updated in search engine. So to make google crawl you website regularly you must keep below points in consideration.

1. Update content: Update the website or blogger who update regularly will get more crawl for long run.

2. Back links: Increase your backlinks all over web. The best way to increase backlink is Yahoo answer, Forums, Wiki answer etc submit website in directories, social bookmarking. I personally use this method and it works.

3. Server: Host your website on a good server and a premium plan so that if google visits your site it must be available.

4. Use feed: Use feeds and email subscription so than it will be easy for google to locate your site.

5. Page loading time: Optimize your page loading time so that google can mover all over your site quickly if your page take too much time to load then google will be unable to load other pages of your site.

6. Page rank: Google gives first preference to higher page rank. Websites with higher page rank get crawled daily.

7. Internal links: Make best use of internal links from content to content Example: By linking two same label post with each other so that google can move to other page easily.

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