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About MaheInfo.blogspot.com & Mahendra (Me)

Thanks for Landing on About Me Page, on this page I will share about maheinfo.blogspot.com and Mahendra (myself).

MaheInfo was started by in late 2010 when I was finding the way to earn from internet before I came to knoe about blogging I tried many ways to earn money from online but never got anything rather taan I lost few thousand Rupees in Online Scam.

MaheInfo.blogspot.com is a free blogspot hosted blog on which I share my ideas about various topics - Blogging Tips, Online tools, Software, Mobile Phone, Tips and tricks, Internet tips tricks. I mainly write about trending topic on regarding Social Media, Mobile Phones, Important Internet news etc.

I am Mahendra and currently pursuing my undergraduation in Pune, which is my birth place too. I am the only writer for this blog and I write article is my free time. I am very moody natured guy who does not have any thing fixed, the only thing fix till today in my life is I never get SERIOUS.

You are always welcome to share your ideas about me, my blog or any thing related to me. The contact info is given below.

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