Gurbaksh Chahal Young and Richest Internet Entrepreneur of World from India

Gurbaksh Chahal

Younge Entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal how he made $340 million till the age of 25.

Who is he?

Gurbaksh Chahal is also known by his pet name ‘G’. He was born in Tarn Taran, Punjab, India. When ‘G’ was 3 year old his parents come to America and stayed with friend because of instability in India. ‘G’ stayed with his grandmother in India till age of 4 yr. When he was 4 he also was brought to Amerca by his parents ans was admitted in school.

His Entrepreneur Journey

When 'G' was 15 he was taking college courses while still he was in hidh school. His parents wanted him to be a Doctor or Engineer but he was not interested in science. (more).

Oneday 'G' came to know about a company name DoubleClick which was providing internet ad service. After hearning this he was intrested in make such business but he didn't know how to program. Then he found a guy in London providing such software and technology for which 'G' paid $30,000. Started online company with help of his brother. Just after 3 month he made revenue of $ 1,00,000 and $ 1million in a year. He named the company "ClickAgents". Then a investment bank called and asked him if he is intrested in selling ClickAgents and 'G' sold it for $40 million.

Again he found a second company name "BlueLithium". BlueLithium was the next generation ad network focusing on data, optimization and analytics and was a pioneer of behavioral targeting. In no time this company boomed and in Oct 2008 Yahoo bought this company for $ 300million cash.

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