What to do when some one keep clicking your adsense ads

fraud clicks adsense

It may happen that you clicked accidentally on your own adsense ads for which google may not penalize you until you hit multiple clicks because Google know that it may happen doesn't take it seriously.

A normal Page CTR of google adsense is 2-5 % and suddenly your Page CTR goes to 15-30 %. Its not a good news don't be happy that your CTR has increased it means that some one is trying to terminate your account by clicking fraud ads hits. Google will terminate your adsense account if it finds such a huge CTR with fraud clicks.
Now the question arises what to do for this issue ?
The solution is very simple you just have to report this issue to google. You can submit it by the given below link.

After visiting this link you just have to fill the given form and submit it. Google will take into consideration that you have not done it and will not terminate your account.

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