5 Free keyword research tools

Keyword research has become very essential part due to huge competition. Keyword research is done by webmaster in order to get higher rank in search engines or improve SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and improve SEO. It helps to get data of most searched term on internet. Below is the list of some free and best Keyword research tools online.

google adwords

Actually Google Adwords is an advertising tool which offers PPC, CPM text and banner ads for advertisers but many webmasters and blogger use this tool as keyword research tool and this is the best of all.

google trends

Google trends is the tool which shows trend of a particular search term in various countries and regions. Google trend also analyses traffic of websites but only for high traffic websites.

google zeitgeist

Google Zeitgeist is the tools which have weekly monthly and yearly stats most searched keyword on google. Every year Google Zeitgeist release series of most searched keywords etc

AOL hot

AOL hot gives top ten searched queries made in various categories.

ask IQ

AOL Iq shows top 10 searched kwywords and queries in various categories on AOL.

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