14 Ways to make money from your blog or website

There hundreds of ways for making money online from website or blog but all of them doesn’t work. Some of theme work for particular category website. So I thought of making list of ways to make money from website or blog which really work for all category it doesn’t matter how your website or blog is. Enjoy the list.

1. PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising It is most common and widely used method by websites & blog to make money. In PPC the webmaster displays ads on its website & when some one clicks on ads & views it the webmaster get paid. The PPC rate differ from agency to agency. The most common & widely used PPC advertising network are

* GOOGLE adsense

* Chitika

* Clicksor

* Yahoo advertising & many more the list is endless

2. CPM (Cost Per Mille) Advertising In CPM advertising even if the ad doesn’t get any clicks still the webmaster get paid for just publishing the ad for per 1000 impression. The minimum rate for 1000 is $ 0.10 to $ 10. It depends upon unique visitors quality of content average time of visitor on page. Some popular CPM advertising networks are

* GOOGLE adsense

* Value Click

* Affinity

3. Direct banner advertising This method is growing rapidly now-a-days. In this method the publisher get direct contact with advertiser through websites which act as agent for both parties. Some popular sites are

* http://www.buysellads.com/

* http://www.advertisespace.com/ etc.

4. Affiliate marketing The publisher will only get reward for driving customer or visitor to the advertiser website website. You will get many website paying for affiliation. Some popular are

* CJ

* Clickbank

* Linkshare

5. Sponsored reviews It is network mainly works for Blogs. The blogger is paid for writing review of a any product, website, service etc. The of pay depends upon popularity of blog, traffic, page rank.

6. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed ads RSS technology is very rapidly grown & widely used by millions of people. RSS is mainly use to save time. The publisher also insert ads in RSS & can earn money the pay depends upon the subscriber of RSS.

7. Private forums Many website owners and bloggers are making their own Forums to earn extra money. Many people use forums for getting back links. It is beneficial for both visitor and publisher. Popular forum software providers are

* Vbulletin

* Vanilla simple

* Php BB

8. Paid survey and pools By taking pools and survey on website you may earn a side by side huge income. But the pool or survey must be related to your niche.

* Vizu.com provides service for this.

9. Selling or renting Internal pages By selling or renting your internal page to other for the product or for their any purpose. I feel that it is a bad idea.

10. Donation By adding donation button (Donate us, Want to buy beer for me etc) I don’t know weather this button works or not. But it looks cheap.

11. In-text advertising In text advertising is growing day by days. Almost all of us are aware of In-text advertising. Most popular In-text advertisers are

* Infolinks

* Kontera

* Triggit

* Built in text

12. Pop ups & Unders This is the highest paying method. In this method when someone visit website a new window or on the same window full page advertisement is displayed. Some popular advertisers are

* Tribal Fusion

* Pay Popup

13. Audio ads The publisher is paid to add audio file on website & when some one listen to the audio the publisher get paid.

14. Selling the website or blog The very last option to earn is to sell your website or blog. The rate of website is calculate as per popularity, traffic, page rank etc. the best places to sell website or blog are FORUMS.

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