Lengthy posts are SEO friendly

Lengthy posts are SEO friendly you might be thinking how ?

I am talking about code to text ratio of your website. Code to text ratio represent percentage of actual text in your webpage. It is taken into consideration by search engine to judge relevancy of page. All major search engine give page raking by considering code to text ratio of the page. Although it is not very high contributor to rank high in search engine but it is very important. Because of high competition your website must be optimized in every possible way for search engine. There are some advantages of having better text ratio  Rank higher in search engine. Improve your Page Rank. Code to text ratio will also differ for every page or every post of your blog.


How it is calculated ?

It is calculated by the total size of code and text in your webpage.
Example : I checked text ratio of my own blog MaheInfo
Web Page Size :
89920 Bytes = 88 KB

Code Size :
79940 Bytes = 78 KB

Text Size :
9980 Bytes = 10 KB
Code to Text Ratio : 11.1 % Which is low but trying to improve.

There are many online tools to check ratio but I will recommend SEOchat and Collinsinternet.

To check your code to text ratio CLICK HERE or  CLICK HERE

How much minimum text ratio is required ?

Minimum text ratio must be 15 %.


What to do if my text ratio is below 15 %

If your blog is new than it is sure that your blog will have very less content and your text ratio will be very low. But you can increase your text ratio rapidly by following points.

Theme : If you are making a new blog then try to choose a clean and clear theme because clean theme have very less and light weight html coding.

Content : Write a lengthy content. Lengthy content will increase text on your blog. But make sure it is relevant to your blog.

Keyword density : Don't repeat same words many times in the posts especially words which you have used in Title repeat them where they are necessary. There is no maximum limit of keyword density so I will suggest you to use maximum 4-6 times a word which you have used in title.

Clean : Clean up all unwanted HTML codes ans space in page by using online tools.

Java and CSS : Avoid as much as possible to avoid Java script and CSS styles and if it is not possible to avoid then move them to external files.

Frames : Avoid using frames in your web design because frames need heavy html codes. Use CSS instead of frame code.

( You might be thinking I told in previous point that avoid CSS and in very next point I am telling to use it. It is because to CSS is lighter than normal codes )

Addons : Don't add too much addons or widgets in your blog. As we all know that all the ad dons and widgets are created by huge codes which will increase your code ratio and decrease your text ratio. Try to avoid unwanted addons.

Update : Update frequently with new posts. Keep wide variety of topics on your blog in order to get more content and there are many more ideas to increase content on your blog.

Images : Images must not be more than 30 KB. Image size more than 30 KB increase load time and web page size.

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