Send encrypted & secure email (password protected)

Sending private data by email such as Credit card number or password or any private data is not safe. So if you want to send private data online then Lockbin is the solution for it.

Lockbin is free online service which allow us to send encrypted (password protected) email. Its very easy to use.

Visit on home page you will see a button named ' Start Now! ' 

Now it will ask for your name and email and Recipient email and password for encryption of email. Remember this password because it will be used by recipient to unlock and view email.

Insert your email data and attach any file if you want to and check the box below and Submit it. 

The email will be received by received with an link to the email and will ask for the password to view this email. Send the password to recipient SMS of any other way after receiving email he can unlock it.

Note : Lockbin is also available on mobile

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