Data Recovery, How to recover data from pendrive, mmc, sd, cards Hard Disk

You might have visited many websites and downloaded many softwares to recover your deleted or corrupted data. But no Software or trick work for it the website you visit always says to download and purchase their software which cost lots of money.

And now a days exchanging data is very common as well as well as essential for every person. While exchanging data from Inrenet is very common and Internet have lots of Viruses, malware worms etc. While downloading from inetrnet they get into your COMPUTER HARD DRIVE, PENDRIVES, MEMORY CARD etc and corrupt them. Even the person who dosent use internet can receive virus from others.

When your data is corrupted or by mistakely deleted then what to do?

Here is a FREE DATA RECOVERY SOFTWARE and free registration for it.

1. For FAT format i.e Pendrive, Memory cards of any type. Click Here
    For NTFS format i.e Harddisk. Click here

2. Download the software from Download now link given.

3. After downloading Install the file

4. Open the Optimum Data Recovery software Go to HELP option on the top
HELP > REGISTER (don't worry it's totally free) > GET FREE KEY NOW it will take you to the company site fill the form given there and they will send you your free registration detail on you email address which you have provided. Enter the registration details in your software.

5. After registration Insert the disk from which you want to recover data Click on the disk and scan it.

 6. After scanning a Folder will open showing your data. Now select the data you want to recover.

                                                       AND YOU HAVE DONE IT.

Hope this article helped you kindly comment.

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