Nokia Lumia 920, HTC WP 8X Price

Nokia Lumia 920 price starting £19.99
Nokia Lumia 820 price starting from £31 a month
HTC Windows Phone 8S price starting from £20.50 a month
HTC Windows Phone 8X price starting from £31 a month
Samsung Ativ S price starting from £36 a month

nokia lumia 920 price

UK mobile retailer Phones 4U has revealed pricing for its new Windows Phone 8 OS series phones from Nokia and HTC.

Scott Hooton, chief commercial officer at Phones 4U said, "We know from the fact that we have sold more Windows Phones in the UK than anyone else that our customers are strong advocates of the operating system and we are committed to providing them with unparalleled expert advice on the high-street and online for Windows Phone 8 as Microsoft the next generation of Windows Phone."

The cheapest Windows Phone 8 is the HTC Windows Phone 8S, which will be available for free from £20.50 a month it is expected to arrive in mid Nov and the other HTC Windows Phone 8X will be starting from just £31 a month.

The Nokia Lumia 920 will also be available from £19.99 on a £46 EE contract when it arrives next month, thanks to the 4G operator's exclusivity and Nokia Lumia 820 will price from £31 a month and will be available in black, white, red and yellow.

Samsung's debut Windows Phone 8 device, the Samsung Ativ S willbe pricing from £36 a month and it will be available in both 16GB and 32GB models, which will start shipping from early and mid-November.

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