Low cost Tablet Sakshat Features and Specification

Sakshat is very low cost tablet in the world and will be released on 5 Oct 2011. The release date was postponed due to political reason but now it is said that it will be released on  5 Oct, but don't be happy or ready to buy because it will not be publicly available in market for sale Sakshat will be given to colleges and Universities students and teachers by HRD ministy. As per current status Sakshat Tablet will be sold only in 504 Universities and 25,000 Colleges and will be only sold out in Colleges and Universities around India. The actual cost of this tablet is said to be Rs 2200 but government is giving 50% Subsidy and it will be sold at Rs 1500 or around $30 in selected Indian Colleges and Universities.

The important point of implementing this tablet is to increase standard of education in India, even if we today see most of the Universities and Colleges students passing out doesn't have basic computer knowledge or idea about latest happenings in Computer world. This tablet is availed at for just Rs 1500 so that even a poor to poor candidate in India can easily purchase it.

What the word SAKSHAT means VISIBLY mostly the word is used when we see some thing in reality of which we have previously just header and imagined of.

Specifications of Sakshat Tablet
7 inches colour LCD Display
In Built keyboard
32 GB Harddrive
Wifi, USB 2.0 connectivity option.
Android Operating System
2 watt power
Expandable Memory up to 8GB SD Card
VGA Port to connect tablet to Projector

Function that Sakshat Tablet supports
Multimedia content
Audio Jack
SIM Card Slot
Video output
Zip-Unzip Files
PDF Reader
Can connect Tablet directly to Projector
Browser for Internet Browsing with flash Plugin and Javascript (can watch online videos on youutube and other sites)
Video Conferencing
Touch Screen
WiFi, USB and microSD Card Slot connectivity options
Energy efficienct it just uses 2 watt and 80% shock resistant.

Whats now after release of Sakshat Tablet
Now the price of laptops and Tablet may drop down tremendously as students are the highest volume of consumer of Laptops and Tablet (mainly tabley)
Lets see what happens. Kindly let me know your opinion about this. 

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