Facebook Chat - Use Facebook Chat on Desktop

Facebook Chat is the greatest feature that made facebook No.1 in socail networking. Facebook chat made even more easier for buddies to  connect with each other without installing any  external application but to chat with your facebook buddies you need to login to facebook  every time. If you want to use only facebook chat directly these are the best application for  you to download these are the great application  that helps you to chat with your facebook friends from desktop.

Chit Chat

Chit Chat is very small and easy to install and  application allow you to chat with your facebook  buddies and update your status. This messenger  is very clean and clear in design and user  friendly. Its shows your online as well as offline  friends list and give notification when any  message is received.

Gabtastik is vey light weight chat application it  supports Facebook Chat and
Google Talk. It  also gives notification of messages. But if you  are using Windows XP then your need .NET 2.0  installed first.

Disgby along with facebook chat feature it  allows you to maintain your other chat account  AIM, G Talk, ICQ, MSN, Jabber at the same time  and you can use all chat messenger at one time. Digsby is highly loaded with features like  renaming contact, Send SMS, Update status,  managing email accounts and performing  actions on emails like sending email, marking it  as read or spam. It keeps you up to date from social networking notifications and you can add  your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn account. If you are a blogger or webmaster than  your can add an widget in your blog or website.

Pidgin also allows you to login with multiple chat  network at same time. You can maintain  account of AIM, ICQ, G Talk, Jabber, MySpace  tec on it. This messanger give you many  features by using plugins.

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