Aircel Introduced Facebook Voice updates - Update your status from mobile withou internet

Aircel is one of the leading telecom service provide in India with 50 million customers. facebook is the toppest social networking site on the whole world. As we all use facebook we use it daily it has become a part of our life it has recently crossed user of 600 million around the world.

Aircel & facebook partnership had introduced a new & innovative way to connect with friend now you can record your voice and update on your wall and your friends can listen to it.

To start using this service you have to follow below steps

1. Call 51555 (normal call charges) - select language - while holding the call a screen will appear asking you your id & password

2. Enter login detail register your facebook Id

3. Conform the plan.

Charges will be 5 Rs per week and 1 Rs per minute for every time you update which is dirt cheap for this cool feature.

So good luck and ENJOY

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