How to find fresh content for blog

Many of blogging buddies are unable to update their blog because they are finding it difficult to find content for their blog. I have given 7 ways to find content for blog.

1. Questions
Every minute a question rises on these sites. Search for categories which suits your blog niche atleast you will 5 question useful. See what type of questions (topic) people are asking and write post on that topic. Some popular questioning sites are

Yahoo answers
Wiki answers

2. Socailbookmarking sites
Socialbookmarking sites have huge number fresh of new as well as old data. You must be quick and careful while selecting a topic to write from these sites. Make best use of these sites read any article which you like and write it in your own words otherwise you will be penalised. Some popular socailbookmarking sites are


3. Forums
Forums are best place to discuss on any topic. Day-by-day number of forums are increasing these forums can give you a fully prepared article too I'll tell you how. Ask any question on forum you will get lots of replies (answers) and research (verify) the answers and format it accordingly. Some most popular forums are


4. Books
I accept that in todays time there is every information available on internet but still you should Go offline and read some books, newspapers which will give you extra knowledge and keep your blog loaded with unique content.

5. Search Related keywords
Search for related keywords on search engine (Google is best) search as much pages as possible. Don't just search for top 3 pages go beyond 3rd page you will find lots of useful information.

6. News
If you have noticed every minute there is a update for news from lots of news sites available. I will suggest you online news because it is updates in real time and you can read it in real time. If you are waiting for your newspaper or Idiot box then till the time you get the news it will be rotten. Some top news sites are


7. Subscribe to other blogs (Read)
Subscribing to other blogs in your niche will help you a lot and keep you update about every single thing happening in your niche and will improve your writing skill by reading their article how they are writing.

Whats you way of finding content share with others by commenting.

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