How to Unsubscribe from unwanted and spam mails

We all are subscribed to many mailing list in which most are spam. Even after unsubscribing to these mailing list we still get mails from them. provides a service which do unsubscribing unwanted email work for you. Unsubscribe will not allow email in your inbox which you don’t want. Once you unsubscribe it is done. Unsubscribe support all top email provider Yahoo, Gmail, AOL & others also. It supports popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE etc.

To start with you just have to signup with them it’s free.

There are two plans 1st is free which provides only 5 email unsubscribing per month


2nd is only $19.95 per year you’ll have the hassle free ability to Unsubscribe unlimited emails.

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