8 Best website to send free SMS in INDIA instantly

Even though SMS rate in India are dust cheap (even free) still people use online free Internet to Mobile SMS because of non delivery of SMS on time. Even big players of telecom industry In India have failed to provide a decent SMS service so Internet to Mobile SMS are in huge demand now a days. So I have prepared a list of some free internet to Mobile SMS provider which provides SMS services much more better than our mobile service provider and the delivery of SMS is super fast.

1. http://www.fullonsms.com/

I am using fullonsms from past 6 month & the delivery of SMS is very very fast even before you close the window the message is delivered. Also you can create group of 10 people.

2. http://www.isms.ibibo.com/
If you are register on ibibo you can send free SMS by linking your mobile to it. You can also play free social games & many more things.

3. http://www.160by2.com/
The url itself denotes that it provides 160 character free SMS.

4. http://www.way2sms.com/
Way2sms is also free SMS sending website it have many other services related to SMS sending. You can create your email ID youname@way2sms.

5. http://www.atrochatro.com/

6. http://www.youmint.com/
Youmint also have earning program by ads, referral.

7. http://www.smsjunction.com/
smsjunction have both free and paid SMS service & also bulk SMS.

8. http://www.mysmsindia.com/

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