10 Highest Paying CPM Advertising Networks

Top and Best Paying CPM Advertising List. CPM means cost per mille i.e the publisher is paid for /1000 impression, the eCPM rate differ as per the CPM advertising network and publishers traffic. There are two different types of CPM networks which I know, TYPE 1. Network that pays fluctuating CPM rate TYPE 2. Network that pays fixed CPM rate or you may decide your CPM rate.

CPM best way to make money from high traffic websites and blogs and are more beneficial if you have high trafiic from US, UK, Canada. Below I have stated some best and high paying CPM advertising Networks.



It is the best CPM advertising network, it gives very High Fill rate have Rich Media ads from big Companies and CPM rate are High. Minimum requirement to join this network is your website must have 5,00,000 unique visitors per month, attractive and professional site design and a Top Level Domain. Getting your site approved from Tribal fusion is Hard



Thechnorati Media is ad network of Technorati blog which is most reputed blog. TechnoratiMedia is one of the high pating CPM ad network and have Rich media ads with High Fill Rate and supports various ads types such as Video ads Overlay etc. To get site approved is easier than Tribal fusion.



CPX interactive along with banner ads also supports Popup ads which are high paying than banner ads and having high fill rate. Easy to get approved.



ContextWeb works well when you have traffic from US as per my experience no other country is supported and the fill rate is very low, but have rich ads for US visitors and pays quite CPM and gives option to choose CPM. Getting your site approved from Context Web is very easy



I found Value click very complicated in term of getting registered but their minimum requirement for publisher is just 3,000 impressions per month, the fill is also good. Gives choice of ads to be shown on your website but CPM rate are little bit low as compare to other networks.



Website or blog with very high traffic website can only join Advertising, Provides high quality ads.



Traffic Revenue has no minimum requirement for publishers and gives fix CPM rate country wise, you can see the rate chart on their website. The fill rate is very low and pays for traffic from the country they support. CPM rate are high. The earning will be same even if you put multiple banner so its better to put 1 ad.



Minimum requirement for joining Burst Media is 25,000 monthly visitors. Provides variety of ads. Minimum payout is $50. Cheque or Paypal



High quality ads from top publishers. Have multiple ad types Pay per click, Pay per lead, Pay per impression. Minimum pay is $50



Pays great as per online reviews. Provides CPM and Intext ads. I have not used it personally but heard lot about it.

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