20 Indian online (ad) advertising network

This is list of top and best 20 Indian advertising network which will help you find right advertising network for your Indian traffic of your website.

The number of internet user in India has grown to 71 million according to IMRB report and 66% growth in online ad spending. Online advertising are very popular now a days and are growing rapidly in India. As online shopping fashion is popular now a days and has increased and still increasing rapidly in India. Online advertising is advantageous for both advertiser and publisher. So check out the list...

admagnet Indian online advertising network1. Admagnet 
Launched in 2008
Admagnet is one of the largest and fastest growing ad network in India and claiming 197 million page view per month and 600+ million impression per month and having 51% of Indian internet population covered by admagnet. Admagnet achieved this huge success within 2 years and also considered as 4th largest digital media in world for its Unique users which they have. The minimum requirement to join Admagnet is minimum 1 million page view per month.

Type of ads CPM (Cost Per Mile), CPC (Cost per Click)

sulekha advertising network

2. Sulekha Adnetwork 

Launched in 2001
Sulekha is the leading Internet company in India providing services like Classifieds, Yellow pages, Socail media and it is one of the best local serch engine. Website Sulekha Adnetwork dosent have any direct joining option to it If you want to join this network then you have to drop a mail to the mail id given on website.

komli online advertising network

3. Komli 

Launched in 2006
Type of ads : CPM and performance based.
Komli is one of the oldest digital media service in India and it has always been on top in India. It has various types of advertising format to choose from for both advertiser and publisher. Komli has kept improving its technology and introduced many new format continously.

Ybrant digital advertising network
  4. Ybrant Digital
Launched in 1991
Ybrant Digital had acquired many digital media company like Lycos, Max Interactive, Oridian etc.
Ads, Facebook marketing, Mobile ads, Gaming ads.

ibibo advertising network

5. Ibibo ad network
Launched in 2006
Ibibo.com the biggest social networking site in India owns this ad network. Ibibo ad network is a performance based or affiliate ad network.

bixee adx network6. Bixee Adx 
Launched in 2005
Bixee is owned by ibibo.com and bixee help to increase revenue by adding a search bar (job, education, travel) in website and every time some one make search it makes money for you.

ozone media online advertising network

7. Ozone Media
Launched in 2006
Ozen media has large number of top Indian brands Advertisers and Publishers in its pocket. It provides CPM (Cost Per Mile), CPC (Cost per Click) and CPL (Cost Per Lead). It have some minimum reuirement for publishers to join it.

DGMIndia online advertising network 
8. DGM India 
Launched in 2007
DGM India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asia Digital Holdings plc. DGM mainly deal with affiliate marketing if your are earning through affiliate marketing or want to earn than DGM is the best option.
Affiliate, CPA, CPC

inviziads online advertising network

9. Inviziads

Inviziads is special ad network for gaming website. If you are having gaming website and you don't know how to implement ads in games then you need not worry Inviziads will do it for you. You just have to send require code to them and they will do rest of the things.


admaya online advertising network

10. Admaya
Admaya is also show ads on your search engine of your blog mainly google adsense provide this service by its custom search bar but if you don't have adsense account then admaya is an alternative.


tyroo online advertising network

11. Tyroo 
Launched in 2006
Tyoo is leading Intenet advertising company in India. 35% of stakes of Tyroo are been acquired by Yahoo. Tyroo have some biggest clients like Microsoft, HP, Dell, Samsung etc


pubmatic advertising network

12. Pubmatic 
Launched in 2006
Komli is the parent network of Pubmatic. Its a ad management solution for publishers to maintain hassle free way to monetize website.

adchakra advertising network

13. Adchakra
Adchakra have a very cool feature of Search engine advertising for its advertiser in which the advertiser have to choose geographical region where his ads must be seen.
Type of ads CPM 

networklay advertising network

14. Networkplay



axill advertising network15. Axill


foxnetworks advertising network

16. FoxNetworks

ads for indians advertising network17. Ads  for Indians

18. Indiads


adonmedia advertising network19. Adson Media

tonictag advertising network
20. Tonictag

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