Why and how to design About Me page

design About Me page


You should not overlook 'About Me' or 'About Us' page of your blog. Most of the visitors will land to your about me page. Visitors are always very eager to know about you and about me page helps visitors for that.
Simply listing your name and address in about me page is not enough. About me page must be designed in such a way that visitors must get attracted towards it.


1. Write about yourself and little about what type of person you are.
2. What do you do.
3. Your past experience if any.
4. When did you started blogging and this blog.
5. Services you provide if any.
6. What all topics your blog covers.
7. Your goal (dont make it too much lenghty).
8. Photo of your self.

Make your About me page lenghty but not too much and write it in paragraphs.

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