6 reasons why your blog is not making money

blog making money

Blogging has become main income source for many bloggers and many part time blogger are migrating to full time blogging. But when it comes to money making from blog it's not easy for all of them to make it.

But why?
What's the reason?

I have reason why all bloggers can't make money by blogging.

1. Blogging for money : Blogging is not just for money money. Money making is second priority but writing quality content for readers is first. Blogs are been created to share your knowledge & you must be passionate about that. Many bloggers start blogging thinking about making money from blog right from the day 1 but this is wrong. According to W. J. Cameron Money never starts an idea, it is the idea that starts the money. So give your readers quality content. Don't blog for money blog for passion and money will automatically flow to you.

2. Copying : When someone is new to blogsphere they don't get any topics to write so they straightly copy content from other blog or website and paste on their blog. By this terrible action they are banned by search engines neither they get any traffic by search engine nor by any other source. And they loose their goodwill.

3. Goal : Before starting blogging most of blogger don't set any GOAL to achieve very very few bloggers set goal to achieve. GOAL setting is important because you must know what you want to achieve without that you will not get any path for going forward. It might happen that you after setting goal you may not achieve your all goal but something you may achieve. GOAL makes you work hard ads sincerely. So have a GOAL before starting any blog. According to Brian Tracy
Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.

4. Give up : After starting a blog and running it for few days if you doesn't get any traffic you get demotivated and stop blogging. But don't do this it will take time to get traffic for you blog at least a month to get a small traffic that's why you must have GOAL. Don't give up till you achieve your goal.

 5. Monetizing : proper monetization is very essential for earning money. Don't add to much ads on blog that will increase your page loading time and negative impression on readers. Monetize less and ads must be related to your blog niche.

6. Design : Your blog outlook must be unique, attractive, simple, clean, clear, and proper structured so that visitor must fell to read your content. If you blog doesn't have these 6 quality then you may not get traffic. You might have noticed that all the top and pro blog spend lots of bucks for design of blog.

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