How to Download Youtube Videos on Android Phone or Tablet

This method of downloading YouTube video is without the use of any application.

How to download YouTube Video on Android Phone or Android Tablet PC without App.

It doesn't matter which android device you use, this trick works on every device if its Tablet or Phone.

Why you should download YouTube Video?
If you like a particular video you will definitely visit YouTube again and again to watch that video and mobile data plan are always limited. Downloading will save your data and you can watch the same video several times without any charges and you can transfer and share it with your friends and colleague without burning data allowance.

Steps for How to download YouTube video on Android Tablet PC or Android Phone 

1. Go to YouTube using the browser you have installed on your Android device. Navigate to the video that you want to download.

2. Click on the link attributed to the video and make sure the video opens in the browser rather than opening in a YouTube app or something similar. T any other app.

3. Press the menu button and select go to URL.

4. Now you have to edit the URL in front of video which you will find in the box and ready to edit. You will need to edit the URL in the following way given in the below example.

You have to edit URL by adding 'pwn' before the actual URL starts. 

5. Hit the enter key and it will bring up a page with a link to download the video. This is a direct link to the video download. Click it and it should start downloading. Your download will start now and after that if you want you can rename the youtube video.

This Process hardly takes any time and no special app is required to download youtube videos on android phone or android tablet.

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