"Search Plus Your World" Google Pushes Google+ in Search Result

You must get a question Whats is "Search Plus Your World" if you have logged with your Google plus account and searching the web with Google. Google Search result have got a total new face by "Search Plus Your World" format a new way to search web, "Search Plus Your World" has pushed Google+ more in search result. The new search Google Search Plus finds mixed content, from WEB and the private or publicaly content shared by your Google+ friends.

The new search featue is live now but not every one can use or see it, you must be login with your Google plus account and must search in English language, later on they will avail it to all languages and countries. Google will alert you about the new Google Search plus with the notification on top your search result.

The new search result type will help people who want to find content shared by their friends as well as web. It is basically a mixed search result given by Google. Google has kept the default search as "show personal results" if you want to hide personal search result then click on the Earth symbol at the right top side of results. Personal results contains Google plus posts, photos,

Google is promoting its own product i.e. Google +

Watch this video to know more about Search Plus Your World

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