Check your Website Design in Various Web Browsers

Its very important to know how your website looks in different web browser, because everybody uses different browser and different screen resolution. A website must be compact able with majority of browser to gain readers and visitors. Now a days there are many online services that makes your website compact able for every browser and Operating System at very reasonable rate. But the biggest disadvantage of this service is these service will totally modify your design in different browsers.

Coming back to the point to know how your website looks in different browser in various OS.

1. is the first option to use it is very relevant to use. This service is available at free and also in paid method. It allows us to test website design in Linux and its browser, Windows and its browser, BSD and its browser.

2. is the second option it is run by Adobe and is freely available. To use this service you have to register with Adobe. This tool looks very professional but supports 4 browsers Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari.

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