Youngest entrepreneur Suhas Gopinath from India

Suhas Gopinath
Suhas Gopinath

Born 4 Nov 1986 Bangalore, India in middle class family his father was working in armed force and his mother was housewife. 

He started working from cyber cafe. As Suhas was from middle class family he didn't had enough money to spend daily on cyber cafe so he convinced the owner of cyber cafe that he will be running his cyber cafe during his (owners) lunch break and use to do his work. During this duration he learnt HTML and ASP which are required for developing a website and also made some friends in US and Europe through Yahoo Chat.

He wanted to own a website named for which he needed sponsership because he didn't had enough money to host it so he approached several Indian companies but none of theme were intrested in his project considering him as a minor child. Atlast his project was sponsored by an US company named 'Network Solutions' for 1 year.

After this successful project he got his very first job offer as freelancer from 'Network Solutions' but he rejected this offer because he wanted to start his own company. But was helpless because Indian law dosent permit minors (below 18) to start business. So in year 2000 he registred a company on name of Cliffords his cyber friend to whom he met through Yahoo Chat and in same year he setup Globals Inc websolution company at California and he was the only 1 worker in the company.

Globals Inc provided webdesigning and started getting more orders and accordingly he increased number of staff and his most of the staff too worked from cyber cafe. He didn't appointed staff by qualification but by their efficieny abd attitude. After that Globals Inc had grown as MNC-IT focused on Web development, e-Commerce and Mobile solutions. Globals Inc is now spreaded worwide in all major countries like US, Australia, Bahrain, Britain, India, Italy, Spain, Germany, Singapore, and Nigeria. Globals Inc had served more that 400 clients worldwide including Fortune 500 companies. Number of staff is now 400+


* At 14 he was recognized as the world's youngest web develop for his project ''

* Fortune 500 company offered him job of $2000/week pay a chauffer driven car and an executive apartment.

* At age of 16 recognised as the world's youngest entrepreneur by CNBC and e-Business, Canada.

* At age of 17 recognised as the world's youngest CEO by leading major media across world including BBC, Washington Times, Times of India and many others.

* In 2002 The European Parliament and International Association for Human Values conferred “Young Achiever Award” to him.

* In  the year 2005 he became the youngest recipient of the Rajyotsava Award conferred on him by Government of Karnataka.

* A non profit program named 'Building Entrepreneurship Skills in Youngsters' was initiated by him for whcih he was greatly acclaimed by the India's former president A P J Abdul Kalam and former Union minister Shri. Arjun Singh and many other awards and achievements


His US based Globals Inc had developed "Student Management System". This system will inform parents about their childrens if they are in class or not through SMS or email. And also their performance, behaviour, attendence etc in class. Virtual marksheet on website itself.

Suhas is planning to shift his headquaters from US to India for which Karnataka state government had provided him 10 acers of land

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